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Many people believe that the past is the past and there is nothing that they can do about it. In fact, the way we remember the past is simply a perception.

For instance, if a person feels that they had a difficult childhood, they will be basing that opinion on a limited number of specific events that strongly affected them. The same is true of someone who feels they had a great childhood.

One way to change how we feel about a particular period of time is to expand the number and quality of events that we use to base our judgement.

So what to do exactly?

  • Take a specific time in your life that you remember as not easy; it could be a time in your childhood, a particular relationship or job
  • List the main events that caused you to feel unhappy or frustrated, limit the number to 5 or less.
  • Now recall 10 great things that happened at that time. 

Really step into these positive events looking through your own eyes. You will find that you will soon feel differently about this time of your life. You can also apply this technique to a particular person in your life, you want to change your perception about.

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