Finding Happiness

Ever wondered what really makes you happy?

Ever felt disillusioned with goal setting because the end result doesn’t seem worth it?

Or you get what you want only to find it doesn’t really give you joy?

Well I know how you feel and I have some insights into what to do about it.

You see, 18 years ago, I set a really big goal and I was sure it would make me happy.

I wanted to live in Manly, NSW!

Such a beautiful suburb, surrounded by beautiful beaches and bush land.

And then the history!

The incredible Castle on the Hill.

The Historic Quarantine Station.

And the incredible views

Cosy village atmosphere

Extraordinary food

And only 20 minutes from the centre of Sydney via one of the world’s most iconic, glorious ferry rides!!!!!

MANLY has everything and I wanted to live in the centre of it ALL!!

I reasoned: ‘If I live there then I will be so happy!!’

There was only one snag . . . how could I afford to buy there?

You see I didn’t want to sell where I was living in Strathfield South

And I was only earning $35 per hour.

So I just decided to start working harder.

To save up a deposit because I could work as many hours as I wanted.

So I stopped doing everything else apart from work.

I stopped getting out in the fresh air and exercising

I stopped seeing my friends and having fun

I stopped visiting Manly on the weekends.

Instead my life became work, work, work!

I even stopped sleeping much.

The result . . . well I am sure you can guess


Burn out


At first, part of me blamed the goal.

If I hadn’t set that darn, big goal . . .

I wouldn’t be working so darn hard . . .

I wouldn’t have made myself unwell

And unhappy!!


Then it dawned on me.

Maybe there is a better way of going about getting my goal.

In fact a better way of goal setting in general.

I know! It’s obvious isn’t it?

But it’s amazing just how common this problem is.

And when you are caught up in it, it’s incredible how addictive workaholic behaviour and busyness are!!

And how blind we can become.

It was clear that I wasn’t the only one who had this ‘All or Nothing’ attitude towards achieving goals.

So I sat myself down and asked myself:

‘What’s the purpose of living in Manly?’

To walk on the beach in the fresh air surrounded by nature.

‘And whats the purpose of walking on the beach?’

To have energy and vitality.

‘And what’s the purpose of energy and vitality?’

To be happy!

I then put the word ‘Happy’ in the centre of a big piece of paper.

I brainstormed all the ways I could feel happy right now, that didn’t depend on buying a house in Manly.

I had a big long list:

  • Hanging out with friends
  • Walking the dogs
  • Spending time with wild birds
  • Being creative
  • Writing gratitude pages
  • Visiting Manly and swimming
  • Reading a fantastic book
  • Catching a train somewhere I’d never been before
  • Swimming with dolphins at Old Bar Beach
  • Swimming in a lake
  • Oh and by the way did I mention swimming or animals?
  • Oh yeah got those!

I decided to do something every day that gave me joy, whilst at the same time taking action steps every week towards my goal.

I wrote 7 action steps I needed to take to buy my home in Manly and actually I had to sit myself down and have a good talking to myself. I said:

  • Let go of your old rules (never sell any property) and get on with what you really want! (Living in Manly)
  • Look into selling your home in Strathfield South and find out how much you would get. Don’t assume, go and find out!!!
  • Don’t assume you can’t afford to live in Manly, just go and look at property in Manly and see how much it actually costs!
  • Find out how much you can really borrow.
  • Get on with setting up your own business, so you can earn more money doing what you love!

It turned out, my property in Strathfield South was worth a lot more than I thought.

It turned out, property in Manly wasn’t as expensive as I thought.

It turned out, I could get a low docs loan.

It turned out that setting up my business was easier than I thought.

And in the end I earned much more than I thought and it was more secure than I thought!

(In actual fact, the business I was working for was insolvent and not long after I left, it closed!! So lucky I got out when I did.)

The best bit was . . .

I was so happy and I gained my goal much, much faster than I thought I would.

In fact in 2003 . . .

I bought my beautiful 3 bedroom, light filled, high ceilinged, Art Deco apartment in Manly with its huge rooms and bird filled garden out the back and ocean glimpses though the front windows.

And there were only 3 in the entire block, each taking up the entire floor!!

Like many Manly apartments, it didn’t look like much from the outside, but go inside and it’s truly gorgeous.

It even had ceiling roses of 2 Griffins holding the Holy Grail!!!!!!

In fact that was why I bought it lol!

Since then I have lived in gorgeous Manly so, so happily ever since.

And the experience inspired me to create a new way of goal setting called Goal Evolution and my 1 Day Seminar The 22 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness because you see:

We don’t have to sacrifice love and happiness to get what we want.

We can gain and enhance love and happiness while we get what we want.

But it doesn’t happen by itself because most of the world and many of our parents were programmed to believe in sacrifice.

Sacrifice their own happiness to make others happy.

Sacrifice their health and well-being for success.

Sacrifice time with loved ones to make money to provide for loved ones.

But truly it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a whole new world of how we can have what we want and enjoy the process and have more time to spend with those we love.

So if that sounds wonderful to you . . .

I invite you to come and join me for my F-REE 1 Day Event on 1 August 2021, where I let you in on the secrets of having what you want in all areas of your life and gaining fulfilment and happiness.

Hurry, soon I won’t be running these events any more, I’ll be handing it over to my licensees, and it’s definitely the last one for this year!!!

See you soon – 9am to 5.30pm, Sunday 1 August 2021.

CLICK HERE registration is essential and numbers are limited.

Can’t wait to share this incredible wisdom with you, it’s so freeing!!

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