Vanquish Vampires

Do you find yourself drained after speaking to certain people?

Have you ever justified staying in a relationship that is not good for you?

Do you engage in a habit or behaviour which you like but leaves you tired?

Then you’ve been vamped!

There’s a reason that the vampire myth is so enduring and popular.

It is because it speaks to a deep, symbolic truth within our subconscious mind.

Vampires are people who have been killed by a ‘parent’ vampire.

They have fed on the parent’s blood to become what they are.

Now they rely on human blood to remain functional.

Their need for blood is ravenous and often uncontrollable.

It’s not just food, it’s an addiction.

At worst they kill who they feed on.

At best they leave their victim drained, wounded and terrified.

Some victims end up with Hostage Syndrome.

They fall in love with the perpetrator of their abuse.

Now the vampire does not need to control their victim.

The victim is a ‘willing’ participant in their own abuse.

They willingly let the vampire drain them.


Because they are deluded.

Their excuse?

I love them. They need me. I don’t want to hurt or upset them.

But really. . .

They are just pacifying their own fears and sense of powerlessness.

They believe if they are obedient they will be safe.

In fact they are putting themselves in danger every day.

Unfortunately, these are common emotional tactics of the powerless.


So they feel less like a victim.

Instead of being at the vampire’s mercy.

They are doing what they want.

They will even fight and betray those who try to help them.

Rebelling against anyone who says they are being abused or controlled.

They are now contributing to their own demise.

Ahhh! What a nightmare.

And yet we see this every day in real life.

It is often the structure of domestic violence and toxic relationships.

The structure of bullies at work or school.

And it doesn’t apply just to people.

Things and behaviours can be vampires too.

It is that glass of wine someone thinks is relaxing them.

But is actually stimulating them and making them tired the next day.

Or technology and TV that someone escapes into.

But disconnects them from truly connecting with friends and loved ones.

Or takes time from something really important like a focus on health.

It’s the draining job that looks like its supporting someone financially.

But stopping them from seeing opportunities to do a career they love.

It’s important to stop and ask yourself:

What are the vampires in my life?

Do you justify your connection to them?

Is it time to let them go?

It’s time to leave the darkness of the Underworld.

And reach for the light.

Take a good look at your life:

Your relationships

Your habits

Your behaviours.

Ask yourself:

Are they adding to the quality of my life;

My success

My self-esteem

My happiness

Or taking away?

Is it time to change?

Is it time to let someone or something go?

Big hugs and lots of love and light Pip

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