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Creativity has a very specific structure. Before we create there is simply pure potential, from that we have an idea.

  1. The first step –  focus on the idea. If you can’t focus on an idea because there are too many, then write them all down in a mind-map and decide on which one you will focus on. Think about ways you might want to bring the idea to fruition.
  2. Second step – leave the idea to ferment in the unconscious mind, if you are pressed for time, do something completely different for an hour or two, otherwise come back to it the next day, when you have slept on it.
  3. Third step – come back and start creating, have fun being creative, even outrageous! Do not concern yourself with form, structure or perfection at this point, instead see what you are doing as simply a first draft.
  4. Fourth step – it is only now that it is time to use the rational mind to order your creation, deciding what to keep and what to let go. Think about structure and style and so on. 

When we use order, reason and criticism too early in the creative process we stifle creativity because we go against its essence. So give your reasoning mind a break and enjoy yourself – you will find yourself more creative and in the long run faster than doing it any other way.

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