An Introductory Romp Through History

Pip McKay’s Recommendations

This list gives you a wonderful background to some of the great movements in history which affected who we are today, how we think, feel and interoperate our experiences and give meaning to our existence. It’s fun to explore history through story so I have included historic fiction, TV Series, as well as, documentaries. I have included links where I can. You can probably find them all in Amazon but I put in a variety of links.

  • The Dead Sea Scroll Gospels
  • Gospel of Mary
  • Gospel of Thomas
  • Kathleen McGowen Books – I don’t really agree with her interpretation of John the Baptist at all but this is still a great and interesting read. Start with the Expected One.
  • The Source of Miracles is the place where I found out about the Lord’s Prayer but not the Lady’s. See link above its a Kathleen book too.
  • Servants of the Grail – Philip Coppens (I love this book I think this is how it was, shows John the Baptist as an Egyptian Missionary)
Middle Ages – 1000s to 1300s
Renaissance – 1300 – 1600
The Restoration 1600s
  • Charles 11 – the Power and the Passion (BBC DVD)
The Enlightenment 1700s
  • Passionate Minds – Emilie Du Chatelet, Voltaire, and the Great Love Affair of the Enlightenment (Book by David Bodanis)
Victorian Era – 1800s
  • Desperate Romantics – The Pre-Raphaelite Artists (BBC DVD)
Modern Era – 1900s
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