Life’s Biggest Mistake


By far the biggest mistake people make in life is self-sabotage.

And believe me I’ve seen it all in 23 years of training personal development with 1000s of people!

People have many excuses for why they are their own worst enemy.

They blame their partner, children, boss, team, the economy and basically anyone else rather than facing the truth.

Which is: that we hurt ourselves by the decisions we make.

Even if someone treats you badly it is still your decision:

  • To stay
  • To respond the way you do
  • To say nothing
  • To do nothing
  • To overreact
  • To put other’s needs above your own
  • To be influenced by someone’s opinion rather than your own intuition
  • To recreate negativity long after the negative person has left

It may sound harsh but it is simply the truth.

The more we blame someone else for the situations we find ourselves in, the more we are a victim of circumstances.

And the less empowered we are to have the life we want.

(Of course we should take action and maybe legal action if we have been wronged but we need to take responsibility for how we react or we can’t heal)

Unfortunately once someone realises this truth fully, they often make The Biggest Mistake Number 2;

Thinking you can stop self-sabotage by will power and awareness alone.

Considering that will power is a limited resource and runs out during the course of a day . . .

It’s not the best tool for long term change.

It is like a hand break, vital in the short term, but it is either on or off.

It’s not useful in steering the car in the right direction, looking after the health of the car or deciding who is in the car!

For that you need everything else.

In human beings that ‘everything else’ is the subconscious mind.

To stop self-sabotage you need to understand what is unconsciously driving the negative behaviour.

Then heal and change it at the source.

What is the source?

Stuck instincts . . .

That cause irrational emotions . . .

Which create negative beliefs . . .

That become self-fulfilling prophecies.

And an understanding of what your soul wants you to learn from the past and do in the future.

When you can learn your deepest lessons . . .

Emotionally heal . . .

And follow your true passion and purpose . . .

Then self-sabotage ceases to exist.

You set a goal and simply take effective action towards it!

You are naturally motivated to move in the direction of your dreams with ease and grace.

To do this, however, you need the right tools.

Tools which go deep into your subconscious mind and clear issues at their root cause.

And give you the clarity to know exactly what makes you happy and passionate.

While at the same time getting practical, real world results, that support an amazing lifestyle.

It is possible to have it all . . .

If you are following your real passion and purpose

And have cleared internal conflict caused by old programming.

But if you are still running the influence of others in your mind . . .

If you are comparing your success to someone else’s . . .

If you are carrying around a lot of baggage . . .

Then having it all becomes virtually impossible.

You may have success in one area of life but you will sacrifice other areas.

And then health and happiness deteriorates.

But there really is a different highly effective way of fulfilling your hearts desire.

I know because I have done this in my own life and I’ve helped 1000s of other people do it too.

If you would like to discover a unique and effective way of letting go of self-sabotage,

And discover your real passion and purpose using the power of Archetypes,

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It’s a totally free day and my way of giving back to a world.

Remember, we can be that positive example for others to follow, when we make change.

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