Level 1A

Purpose And Passion Coaching 3 Day Courses

Do you want to find greater meaning and direction and make money doing what you love?

Have you ever felt lost and wondered what would really light you up and be your purpose? Do you yearn for greater happiness and fulfilment? Do you want to make a fantastic income doing your passion?

Well Passion and Purpose Coaching Course has the answers. In this program we use the power of Archetypes to discover exactly who you are and what you are meant to do with your life.

If you are already doing your passion, we show you how to ensure it is always  fresh and financial.

If you would like to assist others and become a coach, this course gives you points towards an IICT Recognised Coaching Qualification. Click below to find out more.

Level 1B

Masculine and Feminine Coaching Courses

Clear Negative Programming from Mum and Dad and Understand Your Own Masculinity and Femininity.

Have you ever found yourself saying something your parents said, when you vowed not to? Do you have a sneaking suspicion you are repeating some negative patterns of your parents? Perhaps in the area of career, money, health or behaviour issues? Or, oh no, did you marry someone like your mum or dad?

Because of the way the brain creates habits of behaviour and thinking, your parents have a massive impact on your unconscious beliefs that drive your results. Clearing parental programming is often the missing link in breaking through glass ceilings of problems, that you just can’t solve any other way. This is not about blaming your parents, it’s about clearing negative programming so you can fulfil your shinning potential.

This program also gives you tools for resolving relationship drama. Included, are powerful techniques for understanding the masculine and feminine energies that are unique to you. This is a powerful course for change at the deepest level and cuts through stubborn problems, allowing you to step into your authentic self free from negative influences.

If you want to assist others and become a coach, this course gives you points towards an IICT Recognised Coaching Qualification. Click below to find out more.

Level 1C

Matrix Therapies Coaching Courses

Do You Want to Clear Negative Beliefs, Emotions and Influences and Be the Best You Can Be?

If you answered “YES”, then Matrix Therapies helps you to clear the past and fulfil your future.

This 3 day course gives you rapid tools to clear negative beliefs and emotions and replace then with confidence and well being. You will also clear negative influences like an Ex Partner, Teacher, Sibling or Boss. Imagine being free from past hurt, while empowered to create positive boundaries and express your authentic self.

This signature course has been taught throughout Australia, USA, UK, China, Indonesia and most recently Israel. Find out why it has become so popular. If you are a coach this course gives you an exact coaching program, allowing you to take clients on a journey of transformation from the intro session right through an outstanding, seven session outcome.

If you want to assist others or become a coach this course gives you points towards an IICT Recognised Coaching Qualification. Click below to find out more.

Level 2

Evolve Now! Ascension.

Did you know that the Law of Attraction is only one of 22 Secret Principles? And each Secret has an Archetypal Key that unlocks the door to Ancient Wisdom?

These are the ARCHETYPES OF CONSCIOUSNESS and they are based on the 22 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness. These are the Principles that built the Pyramids and inspired the Renaissance and all this time they have been hidden in plain view.

To the uninitiated they are hidden in art, myths and legends or undecipherable symbols on ancient walls. To those in the know they are the guide-book to magic and manifestation.

Level 2 consists of three residential programs that are four days each. You will discover the 8 Principles of Achievement, Love and Happiness, the 7 Principles of Growth and Abundance and the 7 Principles of Transformation and Influence. Together these Principles contain everything your need to have a life full of success, love and happiness.

To assist us we also use Horse Whispering and Horse Coaching giving you deep insights into who you are and revealing hidden issue for gentle clearing.

If you want to assist others or become a coach, these courses, along with Level 1,  give you a complete IICT fully Approved Coaching Qualification that you can use professionally or just personally to help fulfil your own and others’ lives.

NLP Training

NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainers Training.

Ever wanted to learn the communication and empowering tools from trainers full of integrity?

Well now you can. Pip’s company Evolve Now! has fully qualified trainers who meet the highest standards of the Australian Board of NLP.

For those unfamiliar with NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a powerful tool for self-empowerment, change and communication.

It uses the latest development in brain science mixed with over 40 years of interpersonal experience to create a step-by-step system that allows you to use your brain to gain outstanding results.

Unlike counselling and psychology, that studied dysfunctional people, NLP studied the psychology of success and evolved from the Human Potential Movement of the 1970s. As a result, it’s processes are designed to help you excel and fulfil your potential in a way that is rapid and satisfying.

It has been used in coaching, leadership, management, team building, sales and marketing to enhance results and understand differences. Come learn the skills of performance enhancement with NLP.

With Evolve Now! Trainings you can study NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer’s Training, to ensure you have all the skills to excel in this extraordinary field.