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Hi I’m Pip McKay and over the last 25 years, I have taught, coached and assisted over 10, 000 people achieve major breakthroughs in every area of their lives.

I have published two Amazon Number 1 best selling books: The 8 Principles of Achievement, Love and Happiness and 4 Tribes 1 Earth. They both reached Number 1 in Australia, USA, UK and Canada and won the prestigious EIPPY award in LA.

I am regarded as one of Australia’s most respected coaches and trainers in the fields of personal development, NLP and Coaching. The main reason for my reputation is the success of my revolutionary techniques including: Matrix Therapies®The 22 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness, Passion and Purpose Coaching™Masculine and Feminine Coaching™Matrix Constellations and Archetypes and the whole field of Archetypal Coaching®.

Matrix Therapies® has been taught through out Australia by leading coaching companies, as well as in UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, China and most recently Israel. I also Co-founded the Australian Board of NLP, ensuring the highest quality of standards.

I’ve personally trained some of Australia’s leading coaches, companies and entrepreneurs. To name a few: Australia’s youngest and most prolific author publishing 16 best selling books and CEO of Business Blueprint, Dale Beaumont. One of Australia’s richest men, multi-millionaire and past-president of the St Kilda Football Club Rod Buttress. World renowned speaker and trainer Lynda Dyer (who is a best selling Author and speaker at TED Talks), One of the original founding team of OzForex, Linda Axelsson, Co-author of ‘How to Prevent Work Place Bullying’ Dr Anne Wyatt. Performance and Olympic Athlete coach, Carol Fox

​​​​​​​I’ve also been featured in the best-selling books Great Success Coaches Exposed and Millionaire Motivators. I have been interviewed on Australian and American TV and Radio. As well as in Magazines such as Australian Business News and Natural Health Magazine. I have developed dozens of CDs and DVDs on a huge range of subject over the last 17 years of my business success.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that my experience is not limited to coaching alone. Although I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD I went on to gain a BA Honours degree from New South Wales University for English and Drama and gained a Diploma of Education with Distinction, where I was Dux at Sydney University and won the prestigious PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence.

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