• Are you a freedom fanatic?
  • Do you like to go off on adventures with no real end in mind?
  • Are you fearless about jumping off into new experiences?
  • Is there a child-like innocence and wonder about you?
  • Do you get bored easily and need lots of variety?
  • Do you constantly seek the new?

Then the Innocent Adventurer may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are like Peter Pan and are forever young.

This creates an endearing quality about them that people love and trust. People also feel inspired by their cavalier, pioneering energy.

They also like to clown around and have a joke. Fun is a key motivator for them, as is freedom. If it’s not fun and exciting then they don’t want to do it.

They are full of enthusiasm and constantly have loads of ideas. They are usually doing 100 things at once. They love to travel and have new experiences. The freedom of flying somewhere new is one of their greatest joys.

In shadow they can be scattered, unfocused and hyperactive. They can begin a lot of things and not finish them. Or burn out by doing too many things at once. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword because if things aren’t new and exciting they feel depressed and yet doing too much can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

Famous Brands: Virgin, Nudie

Famous People: Richard Branson, Patch Adams


  • Are you a catalyst for change?
  • Do you want to make dreams come true?
  • Is there a magical quality about who you are and what you do?
  • Are you able to concentrate and focus easily?
  • Do you get so single minded that you can block everyone out?
  • Do you constantly seek improvement?

Then the Magician may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype like astounding transformations. They are able to do things that to others seem impossible.

This creates a magical quality about them that attracts people who wish to be amazed or want to make change in a way that is different and impressive.

They are able to focus and concentrate their energy in order to manifest what they want rapidly. There can be a sense that they are channeling information, tools and techniques. If the results don’t seem magical, then they are not interested.

They excel at taking infinite possibilities and narrowing them down to what is most important and then making it happen. Their skills are impressive and honed and they are willing to focus on a skill and practice it until it is perfect and looks effortless.

In shadow they can want things to come to them without work or effort, as if by magic, and if this doesn’t happen they can become dark and frustrated. Or they go to the opposite extreme and become obsessed with perfecting a skill and block out all else. This can affect their relationships, health and life-style.

Famous Brands: Make-a-Wish Foundation, Harry Potter Series

Famous People: Walt Disney, Michael Jackson


  • Are you mystical or psychic?
  • Do you like secret, ancient wisdom?
  • Are you able to receive easily and do people like to give to you?
  • Is there a mysterious, darker quality about you that is magnetic?
  • Do you tend to be introverted?
  • Do you constantly seek the hidden or forbidden?

Then the Oracle may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are mysterious and magnetic. They can tap into hidden resources and knowledge that is invisible to others.

This creates an alluring quality about them that attracts people even if they don’t know why. They find it easy to receive and others like to give gifts or service to them.

They can be introverted and want to stay out of the spotlight. Because of their internal charisma, they can find themselves thrust into the public.

The secret, the historic and the ancient are key motivators for them. If it’s not different, unusual or hidden they don’t want to know.

In shadow they can be reclusive and become interested in mind-altering drugs or engage in addictive behaviours. Sexually they tend to be extreme: either virginal and untouched or interested in the darker side of being a Sex God or Goddess. They can be difficult to get to know and shut down the connections they really desire.

Famous Brands: Victoria’s Secret, The Secret

Famous People: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, and Michael Hutchence


  • Are you creative and nurturing?
  • Do you like to help others feel understood, healed or fulfilled?
  • Are you imaginative and love children, animals and nature?
  • Is there a caring quality about you that means people tell you their problems?
  • Do you get taken advantage of your over-generous or accommodating nature?
  • Do you constantly seek to assist?

Then the Creative Nurturer may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are caring, loving and inventive.

This gives them an engaging quality that others seek for encouragement, comfort and understanding. Children and animals love them.

They are highly creative and can be artistic. Imagination and communication are key motivators for them. If it’s not creative or helpful to others, they are not interested.

They are also fascinated with emotions and healing and are highly empathetic. Looking after mother earth and beauty, in all its forms, are important to them. They may identify with earth magic like fairies, elves and talking animals.

In shadow they can be over-generous, over-caring and over-indulgent. This can mean they give too much to others and have nothing left for the self-love and creativity that is their life-blood. When this happens they can become resentful and engage in over eating and other comfort behaviours. The key is for them to stop sacrificing their own needs in order to fulfill or please others.

Famous Brands: Oprah, The Body Shop

Famous People: Oprah Winfrey, Nigella Lawson


  • Are you reasonable and rational?
  • Do you like to plan and have everything organised?
  • Are you a leader and find it easy to tell others what to do?
  • Is there a wisdom about you that means others seek your advice?
  • Do you feel like there is one right way and that’s your way?
  • Do you constantly seek control?

Then the Ruler may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are leaders, ordered and organised.

They have an insightful and wise quality about them and no-nonsense strength that people respect. They excel at taking charge and can think reasonably and rationally. Responsibility that others find stressful is what this Archetype thrives on.

Ruler-ship and control are key motivators for them and they have a strong vision for the future. If they are not in the driver’s seat then they are not interested.

They are great providers and people find them dependable. They like to plan in advance and find it easy to keep track of spending and running a business or household. You will often find them mentoring others as people seek out their advice.

In shadow they are over-bearing and over-powering. They can be dominant and forceful. They can believe there is only one right way – their way – and dismiss others with different ideas. They are very left-brain and this can make them unaware of how they emotionally affect others. People can then feel suppressed, not listened to and controlled.

Famous Brands: News Limited, Deutsche Bank

Famous People: Rupert Murdock, Kerry Packer


  • Are you a learning fanatic?
  • Do you like to study for study’s sake, just because it’s interesting?
  • Are you intuitive and find that you just know without knowing how?
  • Is there a mentoring, teaching or expert quality about you that others seek?
  • Do you sometimes get too much into the study and not apply the information?
  • Do you constantly seek more knowledge?

Then the Sage may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are old souls and even when young have a mature and studious quality about them.

Once upon a time they were the scribes and monks, now they are more likely to have a ‘nerdy’ or eternal student quality about them. People seek them out for their expertise and intuition.

They desire knowledge for knowledge sake and will have read everything there is to know about their area of fascination. If it’s not interesting then they are not interested.

They are full of information, which they dearly love to share. They are the teacher who has a passion for their subject or the computer geek who wants to show you that latest piece of technology. They love libraries, books, history or information technology.

In shadow they can collect information and never apply it, escaping into a world of unreality. This can take a massive toll on their health as they stay indoors reading or on the computer. They can also have problems with relationships. When they are enthralled by a topic they can ignore other peoples feelings and not be present when someone is talking to them. Their mind is literally elsewhere.

Famous Brands: Apple, Amazon

Famous People: Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg


  • Are you a total romantic?
  • Do you like to create intimate relationships?
  • Are you passionate and sensitive or have an angelic quality?
  • Is there a loving, internal beauty about you that attracts others?
  • Do you brood when your loved one is away or not paying attention?
  • Do you constantly seek connection?
  • People with this Archetype are romantic, idealistic and love to connect.

This creates a tender, passionate quality about them that others adore. People feel reminded that vulnerability could be a strength. And that love, particularly self-love, conquers all.

They are true believers and don’t have a cynical bone in their bodies. Others can think that they are naïve but they are generally somehow protected and things come to them because they are angelic.

Passion is their driver.

They are full of support for their loved ones and are loyal, openhearted and appreciative. They seek one-on-one intimate relationships with lovers, friends and colleagues. They make others feel special by giving undivided attention and acknowledgement.

In shadow they can be unrealistic and codependent. They can escape into a dreamland of imagination and become vague and indecisive. If there isn’t someone special in their life they feel depressed. They have difficulty saying ‘no’ to those they love and can therefore be taken advantage of. They don’t want people to feel lost and alone, so they can collect people who drain their energy or live off their resources.

Famous Brands: Tiffany, Charcarel (Anais Anais Perfume)

Famous People: Debora Furness/Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban


  • Are you competitive and like to win?
  • Do you like going on quests and fulfilling goals?
  • Are you fearless in the defense of others?
  • Is there a strong need to achieve and be independent?
  • Do you tend to rescue others sometimes at your own detriment?
  • Do you constantly seek action?

Then the Knight may be part of your identity. People with this Archetype are driven and courageous.

They are defenders of the vulnerable and are on a quest for the Holy Grail (an ideal they wish to accomplish).

This creates a chivalric quality about them that people admire. People feel attracted by their integrity, honesty and humanitarianism.

They can also be highly competitive and outcome orientated. They love to win. If there is nothing to gain and no one to save, they lose motivation.

They are action takers and like to move quickly towards their future visions. They like to champion a cause, sport, team or club. They want the freedom to follow their own direction towards their own goals. They are independent and can also be maverick.

In shadow they can be rescuers who sacrifice their own needs to save others. They can get disillusioned when their ideals don’t come to fruition and this can create despondency and depression. They feel betrayed when others don’t recognise their talents or contribution. They can self-aggrandise and then feel like a fraud if they can’t live up to expectations.

Famous Brands: Nikki, Harley-Davidson

Famous People: Glen Manton, Mahatma Gandhi