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The way we think of the future, programs our mind to create particular behaviours that either brings that event about or prevents it from happening.

The mind actually has a filing system for events that it is certain will happen and a different filing system for events that are just wishful thinking.

If we understand this filing system we can take files out of the wishful thinking system and put them into a system we are sure to act upon.

Have a pen and paper ready, ask yourself:

Step 1: “When I think of something in the future that I am certain I will do, do I have a picture?”

If so write down the answers to the following questions. “Is it in black and white or colour, near or far, bright or dim, what size is it, are you looking through your own eyes or seeing yourself in the picture, is it moving or still, focused or defocused?

Step 2: “When you think of an event in the future, which you wish would happen and you have doubt about it, do you have a picture?”

Step 3: Now, inside your mind make that picture the same colour, distance, brightness, size, perspective, movement and focus as the first picture.

Suddenly you will feel much greater certainty about this event and your behaviour will follow suit.

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