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What is real success mean to you?

In today’s fast-paced world, achieving your career goals is more than just earning money to pay the rent.

There is a paradigm shift in what it means to be successful, we now want greater meaning, passion and fulfilment. At the same time we want to earn the kind of income that supports a wonderful lifestyle, so we can be as happy at work as we are at home.

This inspiring series is dedicated to unleashing your full potential and helping you discover the choices that propel you towards a more fulfilling life.

Join personal and transformational development coach Pip McKay in this series of Evolve Now. To get FREE access to the video series click the button below and fill out your details.

NLP In Business

Do you want greater leadership skills? Would you like to get more from your teams, while they feel inspired and passionate?

Today people want to feel happy at work and fulfilled by what they do. The key to this is greater communication and understanding of mindset and emotional intelligence. With a more flexible workforce and greater competition in the market place these skills are more important than ever.

Learn how to build trust and rapport within your team and for sales and customer care. Ensure your mindset gives you successful productivity and confidence without burnout. Then transfer these skills to your home life for greater peace of mind.

Discover the latest in negotiation and team building in NLP For Business. To get FREE access to the video series click the button below and fill out your details.

Hear From Our Clients

Multiple Testimonials

These people have all just attended the Free 1 Day Event. The feedback is phenomenal!

Julie Mackay


Julie found the Evolve Now! Programs extraordinary. They brought all the pieces of the puzzle together and changed her life.

Rod Wood

Correctional Services, Coach and Trainer

Rod struggled to connect with his children after a messy divorce. After doing the Evolve Now! Programs his daughter contacted him and their loving bond was reconnected.