3rd Secret to Productivity – Divide and Conquer

One of the reason people don’t tackle big, meaningful goals is because the goal feels, well . . . BIG!

And the reward for effort seems far away!

So instead of tackling the Big Goal, they satisfy their need for completion by ticking off small tasks on an endless To Do List.

Unfortunately that is majoring in minor things and the results are mediocre.

People then feel disillusioned and unsatisfied and that fuels a need for instant satisfaction with another minor goal.


This is the pathway to busy-ness addiction and workaholic behaviour rather that long term success.

If you want to do something great like write a book, gain financial freedom or achieve your passion and purpose then you need to tackle the mountain instead of the mole hill!

But there is a way to climb the mountain one mole hill at a time!

That way you achieve the huge goal and get daily satisfaction at the same time.


It’s a win/win . . . your need for completion is satisfied while you are on the pathway to long term fulfilment!

How do we do this?

Well you have probably guessed it even though I know I am about to mix metaphors!!

The answer is to divide and conquer.

Take a big task and divide it into smaller sections.

Then aim to complete one section at a time.

I know it is so obvious!

But it’s amazing how often the obvious is ignored in busy lives!

So start with a Master List of your Big Goal and then take one task from it and put it on your Daily To Do List.

For example if you want to write a book . . .

Task 1: Write Master To Do List for Big Goal

Get a working title for your book and write a list of the major chapters.

Give yourself about 30 minutes.

Below is just a possible example for a non-fiction book loosely based on my own Amazon Number 1 Best Selling Award Winning Book.

– Description of major message of book – 700 words
– My Story of what led me to want to write this book – 1700 words

Chapter 1 – 2200 words
– Description of the major principle or message of Chapter
– How to use the principle or message with real story example
– Action for reader to take

Repeat the same pattern in your Master List for all 7 Chapters and finally write the word:


Then name the chapters. Remember you can always change the name later.

A book is never written. It is rewritten.

Your First Draft is just that a ‘draft’ no-one is ever going to see it!

So just go for it!

Task 2: Begin Writing

Pick the chapter which is the easiest for you to write and set an alarm for 30 minutes and just keep writing until the timer goes off.

That’s it. You’re done for the day!

(Unless of course you’re so inspired you want to keep going! Then go for it!)

If you have too much else to do, that’s cool, tick that task off your list!

Congratulations! You did half an hour towards your long term goal.

And you just graduated to the major league!

That is people who do something significant with their lives!

You will feel so excited and motivated that your productivity will massively increase.

Which means you can make up for the time you invested in your Big Goal.

It’s a total win/win!!

Remember it is not the time you have that makes the difference.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

It is how productively you use that time!

After all JK Rowland was a single mum and a school teacher and she wrote the first draft of Harry Potter on the bus!

Have fun dividing and conquering and becoming the Knight who finds the Holy Grail of your true desires!!

Big hugs Pip

PS: Did you miss the 1st & 2nd Secret to Productivity? Click Here for them!

PPS: Secret Writer’s Tip – Usually it is best to write your introduction last when you are sure of all your chapters and have polished your major message by writing. Writing is a process of discovery. You don’t need all the answers to begin. Just start. If you already have the intro in your head cool. Just write whatever is easiest!


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