2nd Secret to Productivity – Passion

I once had a lovely woman come to me.

She wanted to be more motivated to study an investment course she had purchased.

Which would have been great if she loved investing.

But she didn’t!

She had absolutely no interest in it at all.

In fact, it bored her to tears!

She wanted to invest so she could make money and THEN do what she loved.

She wanted to make herself do something she didn’t want to do, so she could do something she did want to do.

Isn’t a better approach to ask: ‘How can I make money doing what I love?’

Because when you answer that question motivation is never an issue.

When you are passionate about what you do you have endless productivity.

Of course while you follow your passion, there may be some tasks that you don’t enjoy as much but you are willing to do them because the project itself is something you love.

Passion opens the door to purpose where you find your unique contribution to the world.

In this process: 

  • There will be a huge learning curve
  • You will be asked to face and overcome fears
  • You will challenge old negative beliefs

But the problems you face are ‘on your way, not in your way’.

The problems you overcome are a leap in the direction of your dreams.

When you spend your life doing things that do NOT light your fire . . .

  • You feel as if your soul is slowly dying
  • You wonder what the point of life is
  • And everything becomes an effort

But when you live your passion and purpose . . .

  • Your Soul is on fire!
  • Your life is a wonderful example to others
  • And everything has momentum

The great news is, finding passion and purpose does not need to be a great lightening bolt from heaven or a trumpet call.

(Although sometimes that does happen!)

More often it is a simple process of doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.

Purpose is a process of discovery that reveals itself to you by opening the door of passion.

(And yes there are ways to accelerate that process! See the PS below)

Then you spend your time and energy working out what others find valuable about your passion.

This takes putting yourself out there, working out your message and constant effort but it is so worth it.


She came to our courses, during which time:

  • She discovered her real passion and purpose 
    • Which was music and acting, which she had actually always loved
  • She cleared away the negative influence of her mother 
    • Who never believed she could make money being creative
  • She cleared away her negative belief 
    • That she was too old to do what she loved – she was in her late 50s

She then put together a 1 Woman Show combining her life story with music she loved and she started to put it on at local venues.

This way she built up her confidence and was able to develop her show.

Then went to America, auditioned her heart out, and gained a Hollywood agent.

She started by doing ads to make some money.

Older women are in huge demand in the USA for ads about super funds and life insurance because Baby Boomers are the largest market.

The very thing she used to think would hold her back, her age, was actually the very thing that made her attractive to the market!

So she found a way to make some fast money doing WHAT SHE LOVED!!!

And this helped her fund her show doing WHAT SHE LOVED EVEN MORE!!!

You don’t need to do something you dislike to fund what you love, you can do what you love to fund what you love!

Then she toured her 1 Woman Show to sold our audiences in America.

Who was in her audience?

Other Baby Boomers, like herself, who were inspired by a woman who was a shining example of how it is never too late to follow your passion and purpose.

Big hugs Pip

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