Yes you Can Regenerate in 2021!

It’s time to regenerate!

During uncertain times it’s key to take the reins of the new year.

One of the issues people face with new year’s resolutions is that they do not understand cycles and how important they are in supporting renewal.

Instead of being at the mercy of cycles, we need to take control of them in order to get what we want.

The new year is the perfect time for renewal because it speaks deeply to our unconscious mind.

The mind and emotions resonate with anniversaries because they are a form of cycle that gives dynamic structure to our lives.

Having flexible structure is incredibly important in uncertain times because it gives us certainty.

No matter what is going on in the world, a new year will happen.

It is one of the most powerful reoccuring dates in the calendar.

How different it is from the old year is up to us.

Even though we may have little control over major events in the world, we actually have enormous control over the day to day running of our lives.

So it’s important to ask ourselves a BIG QUESTION . . .

Does your daily life add to the darkness in the world?

Or is it bringing in more light?

Because in terms of health, love and happiness, it is often the little decisions we have control over, that have that biggest impact on our lives and are an example to others – of either darkness or light.

And we have more control over health, love and happiness than most people ever realise.

It is the small incremental decisions, that don’t depend on world events, that have the biggest impact on our personal lives.

We do not need the world to change for us to become a beacon of light and influence those around us.

The ripple effects are extraordinary and beyond anything we can imagine.

So if we want 2021 to be different from 2020 it is important to take the reins into our own hands and create a vision of what we want our lives to be.

And to create certainty, it’s important to set goals that we can control.

We CAN always control our actions, even if we can’t always control the outcome or the context.

For example: exercise, drinking water, eating healthy food, limiting time in front of the TV and devices for leisure and being kind to those we love are all things we are in charge of.

And they have a massive impact on both physical and mental health!!!!

So for instance, say your goal is to exercise more.

You can always control the action to exercise more, even in lockdown.

If for some reason you were confined to your house or even a room, you can still exercise.

Even with an injury or fatigue issue there are other parts of the body you can move and stretch or you can do gentle movements.

So you may not be able to do the kind of exercise, in the environment you were expecting to do, but you can still exercise.

This is such an important realisation.

Instead of all or nothing perfectionist achievement, we realise we can still achieve the action goal even if the outcome is not what we expect.

It simply requires adaptation and creativity instead of giving up!

The question to ask is: ‘How can I still exercise, in the face of this seeming limitation?’

The other challenge many people have with anniversary goals, such as a new year’s resolution, is also related to all or nothing thinking.

Say you set a goal to eat well every day.

Then one day it all goes to sh*%t.

Oh no! You give up on the goal for another year!!!

Ummmm NO!!!

Obviously, this won’t help major change.

The new year is a powerful beginning . . . and it is NOT the only beginning.

Every week also begins anew!

Every day begins anew!

And even every hour!!!! 

So if you fall off the wagon, you don’t have to wait an entire year to get back on!!

Make the beginning of the hour – rather than the beginning of the year, week or day the new starting point. 

In fact, as cycles go, you could make the next minute the place to start afresh!!

You could make the next second the new start.

So when you’re tempted in one moment . . .

In the next second you could renew your vow and therefore never fall off the wagon.

In this way you can use cycles to empower you, rather than being at the mercy of the wheel of fortune.

So yes feel free to sit down and make goals for 2021.

Know that you can renew those goals whenever you choose and keep on track and add your light to the world.

After all, you falling in a heap because of world problems isn’t going to help the world.

You might as well do what you can to be happy, healthy and loving.

Every positive action you take in your own life, is a positive ripple in a world that so needs extra light!!

This is your way of doing your part no matter what is going on around you.

Happy New Year!

Sending love and light to you and your family.


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