Permission to Take a Break!

This Christmas give yourself permission to really have a break.

This is NOT the time to catch up on all the things you didn’t do.

This is NOT the time to finish projects while everyone else is out of the office. 

This is NOT the time to force yourself to do the things you don’t want to do.

This IS the time to truly relax and regenerate.

This IS the time to be with friends and family.

(Even if it’s just on the phone because of lock down)

This IS the time to switch off computers, TVs, Pads, phones and simply connect with nature.

Allow yourself time to discover what life is about without work and constant distractions.

And most of all . . .

Give yourself time to truly connect with YOURSELF!

Because when we are disconnected from ourselves we live in a state of low lying anxiety that eats away at self-esteem and joy.

I can always tell those people who didn’t take a break at Christmas.

They are the ones repeating the same old mistakes they did the year before.

They are the ones who look frazzled at the start of the new year.

They are the ones who don’t really change because they never took stock of their lives.

2020 has been a remarkable and often disturbing year.

For many people it has also been surprising:

What they thought would be a problem, wasn’t . . .

And they found new ways to do business.

What they didn’t think would be a problem, was . . .

And they found the force lack of freedom played on their mind.

But even if your life was only slightly affected, all of us have been invited to think very carefully about what is important.

Our families, health and personal happiness have come into focus.

Many people consider these priorities in theory . . .

But in practice . . . 

They spend more time at work than with loved ones.

More time addicted to their phones, TV and devices than they do on their health and happiness

What this Christmas period is all about is giving ourselves permission to stop all the busy-ness and have time out.

To unplug . . .

Then in the new year we can define success on our own terms and stop competing with some internal standard of who we are supposed to be.

It is when we truly take time out that it is easier to prioritise and see the wood for the trees.

It is when we spend time with loved ones that our nervous system is reset, allowing in the new year, greater productivity and sustainability.

Or we notice the price we have paid for those areas of life we are neglecting.

And perhaps most importantly . . .

We find the time to hear the Whisper of our Soul.

The Calling to a new way of being.

The real gift of 2020, if we are willing to receive it, is to live our lives with deeper purpose and to find meaning in the stillness.

From our family to yours we are wishing you the very best at Christmas time and a new dawn of being in 2021.

All the very best

Pip McKay

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