Programming – Behaviour Patterns

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Much of our attitudes to love and relationships are the result of programming from our parents. If we do not want to repeat the mistakes of our parents, it is important to understand our own values in relationships.

In order to find out your values ask yourself:  “What is important to me in relationships?”

  1. Write out all of the important aspects. 
  2. Order them with the most important at the top and the lesser one at the bottom. 
  3. Look at those values and see if they really are what is important to you. 
  4. Look to see if some of these values are things you are wanting to avoid from past hurts. For example ‘fidelity’ maybe very important to someone who has had someone cheat on them. 
  5. You may like to do NLP or Matrix Therapies to resolve these issues. 
  6. Assess whether your current or past relationships have fulfilled your values. 
  7. Then you can start to look at what could be changed that would make your relationships more fulfilling.

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