How NLP Changed My Life

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When I was 35 I was a part time drama teacher and felt lost and unmotivated.

I knew I wanted to make change but I didn’t know what to do next.

Then one day I received a tape about NLP in the post . . . tapes I know remember those?

Then a friend of mine dropped off the exact same tape to my home on the same day!

That night I had a meeting with a mortgage broker and he had just completed the exact same course as was on the tape!

I thought someone up there was telling me something!

I ended up finding out some great info about NLP and signed up for the NLP Prac program.

A day after completing Prac, I decided to do NLP Master Prac and immediately started seeing coaching clients.

(Would you like to find out more about NLP in a webinar? Click Here

3 weeks later I found myself flying to the United States and doing NLP Trainers’ Training.

3 weeks after that I ran my first NLP Prac training for the company I was working for.

A short time after that I had set up my own successful NLP training company teaching Prac, Master Prac and Trainers’ Training right here in Australia.

. . . and the rest as they say is history – 20 years of it. The pic above was me during my first year of teaching NLP with a corporate make over!

I feel one of the reasons I was so successful, so quickly was because I was able to combine the 22 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness with my NLP skills and offer truely transformational courses with a unique flavour.

Even though I now only teach my Evolve Now! Programs I still feel NLP is such an incredibly valuable tool for communication and transformation and I will always be grateful that I learnt those foundational tools.

Recently we have had a huge number of enquiries about NLP.

So we decided to put on a webinar to give you more information about this incredible tool for communication and transformation.

Lauren Jobson, who was the Vice Chair of the Australian Board of NLP,  is our Trainer and she is hosting the webinar on Wed, 27 Feb at 7pm. To book Click Here 

Lauren will be going through all the benefits of NLP and what they can add to your personal and professional development tools.

You can do just the 5 day NLP Prac program or go all the way to NLP Trainers Training.

The great thing about Trainers Training is that it frees you from just 1 on 1 coaching and allows you to do 1 to many transformations in a training setting.

Or learn how to give a fantastic speech to elevate your status and fill your coaching programs.

The great thing is because you have done Evolve Now! courses you get prior learning credits giving you massive saving on all our NLP courses.

So if you would like to find out more information on NLP and go to the next level of your personal and professional development booking into the webinar Click Here

If the links are not live for you copy and paste this url into your browser

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions and we can see what is best for you or book a quick chat to look at your options.

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