Is Mother’s Day Important?

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Do you remember being a child and asking your Mum on Mother’s Day: “When is ‘Children’s Day?’

And every mother on earth has the exact same answer!

‘Every day is ‘Children’s Day!’

I remember being super surprised by this answer when I was about 8 years old.

I wondered: ‘Is every day Children’s Day?’

It was a revelation for me.

But I think whether a child feels this or not, for a mother, this is true.

You see a child simply doesn’t remember all the:

. . . sleepless nights

. . . feeding

. . . making of meals

. . . wiping of faces

. . . washing of clothes

. . . headaches

. . . worry

They simply don’t remember you:

. . . getting up totally exhausted in the middle of the night

. . . wanting to spend the day in bed but making breakfast anyway

. . . the longing for some time on your own – even if it is just going to the toilet BY YOURSELF!!

No  . . . all children remember is when Mum didn’t behave as expected.

When she snapped at them because they tried her patience of a SAINT!

Or forgot something because of sleep deprivation and BRAIN FOG!

Everything else is just taken for granted.

So, yes I do think that it is important to have a day dedicated to mothers.

And not just actual mothers but also for all those people who spend so much time thinking of other’s needs above their own.

It becomes important for Mother’s Day to be a time when Mums and Nurturers get to think of their own needs first.

What does it mean for you, as a nurturer, to be a human being?

To think about what success, love and happiness means to you in your own right, not because of a child or someone else but because of who you are?

So, this Mother’s Day we are putting on a special free event for nurturers and for all those unsung heroes, male and female, who spend a lot of their time thinking about others and sometimes wonder – when they have a moment – ‘What about me?’

Because despite everything, the greatest gift we can give others is our own happiness and self-love.

So this Mother’s Day bring yourself and/or your mum, your adult kids, your friends, your loved ones to our special Mother’s Day Event and discover what success, love and happiness means to you now.

Do something different . . . and receive something life changing just for you.

And enjoy some free cupcakes, champagne and a paper back version of my Amazon Number 1 best selling book as well.

Here’s to all the nurturers of the world and all those where the time has come to think about themselves finally.

Remember self-love is as great a gift to others as loving them.

It is the best example we can give those we love of healing, balance, time and self-respect.

And if you can’t come on Mother’s Day register for our next event on the 2 June 2019.

Click Here to Book before they book out, get your questions answered and celebrate.

There are no sales at this event so come relax, learn something new and enjoy!

  • Sydney, Crows Nest – Sunday, 12 May 2019
  • Sydney, Crows Nest – Sunday, 2 June 2019

We have now shared these extraordinary tools with 1000s of people.

Many more people have read my Amazon Number 1 best selling book, which we give away for free to those who come and stay to the end!

This book went to number 1 on Amazon in Australia, USA, UK and Canada – it was so exciting.

It also won the prestigeous EIPPY Award in LA.

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So hurry Click Here to reserve your seat for Sunday, 12 May or 2 June 2019.

You will receive ancient wisdom combined with the latest developments in human psychology and many practical tips to take away.

Lots of love
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