The Benefit of Dragons

The Irish have a saying: “The Gods are against us!”

I know pretty negative, although in times of major challenges many of us feel like this.

It is however the total opposite of what I believe.

I believe in a Benevolent Universe which is always on my side.

It doesn’t really matter if this belief is true because what it does to our psychology is astonishing!

It stimulates a growth mindset.

It means even if you are having challenges you know you will learn something from them which will ultimately be for your good.

It stimulates the kind of creativity that ensures resilience and problem solving because all human beings want to prove their beliefs true.

This is why it is so good to have great supportive beliefs.

The important things is not to be a victim of either positive or negative beliefs.

I know some people who believe the universe is on their side, who then feel disappointed and disillusioned when things don’t go their way.

They think the universe should do it for them, as if they are a child and the universe the parent!

I don’t feel that way. I know it is up to me to create positive outcomes.

It is up to me to find out what the lessons are and learn them. This makes me a co-creator with the universe.

The greatest outcome I know is to work out how to overcome the problem, then share what you have learnt with others to make their journey easier.

I think of myself as a pioneer. So it is my purpose to discover things that are little known and make them available to greater numbers of people.

This sometimes means the mass mind will be sceptical or critical of what I am saying because it is outside of their experience.

But as a pioneer I know that every time I find it not easy to find a solution, 1000s of other people will be grappling with the same problem but can’t articulate it yet.

So if I find the answer I will have something valuable to offer that will be a head of its time and of interest to the early adopters and later everyone else will follow.

By then what I have created will be very robust and have had plenty of experience and research behind it.

I know many people who see challenges as a kind of punishment for something they have done or neglected to do.

In philosopy this belief system is called the ‘Punishing God’.

I just don’t see the world in these terms because this belief comes from a black and white simple concept of right and wrong or good and bad.

Instead I see that we are all learning.

It is our destiny to learn different things and contribute that to others for a richer experience.

Our challenges are simply the different colours of learning we contribute to the riot of colour that makes up life.

The easiest way to turn mindset around is to ask:

“What am I learning from this experience that will assist others and how can I share it with them.”

This is actually the essence of the Hero’s Journey.

It makes us the hero of our own life creating the mythic experience that most people only see on the TV.

It’s time to make the mythic exist in our own lives because this is how we make our own and others’ dreams come true.

In the mythic experience it is important to remember there are always dragons to overcome because this is what makes the hero grow.

They just come in different guises.

In examples such as St George and the Dragon or Daenerys in Game of Thrones dragons can be tamed and become our most valuable asset.

With love

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