Become a Hero this Easter

Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, it is quite clear that Easter is a time of Death and Resurrection.

In the Hero’s Journey they call this place of transformation, Apostasis.

It is the time when the Hero dies to who he was, in order to be born to who he will become.

And she too for that matter!

In ancient times the seasons also reflected this cycle.

Death to Winter and Birth to Spring.

Hence the Eggs and the name, Easter, reflecting the Saxon name, Eastre, for the Goddess of the Dawn and Spring.

This same theme is also reflected in the death of Jesus, the mortal man, and the rebirth of Jesus the Christ.

When we embark on any Hero’s Journey of change we go through a symbolic death.

We die as the ordinary mortal and are reborn as the hero who overcomes the challenges and moves forward.

This does not have to be dramatic, although it is often life-changing.

It could be simply the moment when we decide to love ourselves enough to make our health a priority.

We may be tempted, particularly at Easter with all the chocolate, to go back to old habits.

But there comes a time when we move forward instead of going backwards.

It maybe in the area of our career where we decide to follow our passion and purpose, instead of compromising.

It maybe in relationships where we decide to open ourselves to real love.

Or even in terms of finances where we decide to come off a crushing wheel of bad debt and turn our finances around.

For me this Easter it’s going to be about rest so I can rejuvenate ready for our free 1 Day Events in April.

No matter what our circumstances we can become the Hero in our own lives.

So this Easter I invite you to think about what you want to change.

Let the old habits die while you plant the seeds of a new future.

Happy Easter

Lots of love Pip

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