Programming – Behaviour Patterns

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One of the interesting things about goals is how they affect the RAS or Reticular Activating System. This system is the part of the mind that points out to you what you are interested in, what is important to you and what you want. If you do not reprogram the RAS by telling it what you want, then it will go about giving you the same old patterns of behaviour as you had in the past.

Many times people become disillusioned with goal setting because they did not get the result they were expecting. This just indicates that something was missing from the process.

 To ensure success one can follow the principals of success like this: 

  1. SET A GOAL (Know what you want).
  2. TAKE ACTION (Move towards what you want).
  3. OBSERVE & MEASURE (Notice if your action is working) – if it is, persist until you get the RESULT or change until you get the RESULT you want.

If in the past you have not gained your goal then look at this list and see what wasn’t effective. 

Change those things and move again towards your goal!

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