Evolve Now Level 1C Matrix Therapies Coaching Courses

Looking for you own Personal Development? Want to take your coaching to another level?

If you answered “YES” to the above questions, then Matrix Therapy Coaching will arm you with an entire suite of programs that allows you to learn how to start with your own clients and what processes to do.

This program is designed to enable you to take a client from the very first session – the Introductory session, How to take a Detailed Personal History, right through every single session that you do with the client in a 6 week program of coaching in order to get an outstanding outcome.

Aspects of the Course are:

  • Taking and Effective Detailed Personal History
  • We provide you with the exact questions that you need to ask so you can delve deeply into the psyche to find the root cause of the problems.
  • Creating a package of coaching sessions and presenting a package to a client so that they know the value of coaching and want to invest.

Matrix Therapeutic Coaching scripts will help effectively clear:

  1. Negative Influences
    • Mum
    • Dad
    • Step Parents
    • Siblings
    • Teachers
    • Other members of the family
    • Other members of the community
  2. Negative Emotions
    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Fear
    • Guilt
    • Shame
    • Loneliness
  3. Negative Beliefs
    • Unworthy or Not Good Enough
    • Not Loveable, Not Wanted
    • Can’t look after themselves/yourselves
    • Have to do everything themselves/yourselves
    • Have to be Perfect
    • Have to put other people’s needs above their/your own
    • Unsafe
    • Have to Control
    • Be Nice
    • Fix Everyone’s Problems
  4. Other Clearing Process
    • Grief
    • Resolving
    • Shyness
    • Clearing Low Self-Esteem
    • Clearing Anxiety and Stress
    • Archetypal Parts Integrations
    • Dream Analysis
  5. Resourcing and Goal Setting
    • Archetypal Download
    • Goal Evolution
    • Lineage of Matrix Therapeutic Coaching
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I studied with Pip McKay when I was just 19 years of age. She taught me about success mind set, communication and whow to clear negative beliefs. These skills, which I have applied to the sales and marketing of my business have been extremely valuable to me and I still use them today. Personally ‘thank you’ Pip for everything you’ve done for me. And others, If you want to dramatically improve your results in business and in life, work with Pip McKay.

Dale Beaumont
Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Sellers

I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what Pip McKay has to offer. Pip gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life, and I use it in business and with teams all the time.

Rod Buttress
Multi-Million dollar Australian Entrepreneur and Past President of St Kilda Football Team

I am totally amazed that the changes could be so quick, profound and effective and how long they last. In my work as Barrister in Family Law I have found the skills are of enormous benefit. Of greatest value has been the ability to reduce my own stress levels.

Sue Webber