Evolve Now! Level 2 Ascension
with Pip McKay

Did you know that the Law of Attraction is only one of 22 Secret Principles? And each Secret has an Archetypal Key that unlocks the door to Ancient Wisdom?

These are the ARCHETYPES OF CONSCIOUSNESS and they are based on the 22 Principles of Success, Love and Happiness. These are the Principles that built the Pyramids and inspired the Renaissance and all this time they have been hidden in plain view.

To the uninitiated they are hidden in art, myths and legends or undecipherable symbols on ancient wall. To those in the know they are the guide-book to magic and manifestation.

For literally 1000s of years these Ancient Secrets have inspired the greatest Artists, Writers, Poets, Scientists and Leaders of their day:

People like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Milton, Galileo, Plato and Socrates. They can be applied to so many areas because they show you how to develop the hidden potential of the Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

They give you the most practical step-by-step guide available to developing Intuition, Creativity, Focus, Concentration, Intelligence, Discernment, Direction and Manifestation and therefore how to develop your own unique genius and deep connection with your Higher Self.

I have studied the 22 Principles and the Archetypes of Conscious that go with them since I was 19 years old and I recognize their influence in my ability to create profound tools for change and my success as a coach and business owner.

You see when you understand all 22 Principles you find yourself having greater intuition and creativity, while at the same time taking significant action and getting enhanced results with less effort and greater flow.

Evolve Now! Transcending Level 2 allows you to see what sort of problems each Principle resolves and gives you a specific Coaching Technique for each one.

In fact there are no other problems except these 22 and once someone has mastered all 22 Principles that is the definition of enlightenment.

If you are a coach this means you gain 22 New Coaching Tools, and know exactly when to use each one . You also gain 22 Archetypal Download Meditations to assist you and others to focus on your New Direction with New Resources.

Evolve Now! Transcending Level 2 is divided into 3 four day residential weekends so that you can experience the Archetypes without any distraction in two truly magical locations. As well as gaining profound knowledge, we want you to experience the Principle and Archetype in action in nature and to fully experience profound transformations available to you with this work.

Evolve Now! Level 2A
The 8 Principles of Manifestation and Love

The first weekend is in Palmdale NSW on a very special property that was also esteemed by the Aboriginal people called Awaba. Here you will learn about the 8 Archetypes of Achievement, Love and Happiness, which includes how to receive and how to overcome procrastination and take action.

Evolve Now! Level 2B
The 7 Principles of Growth and Abundance

The second and third weekend are in Albury where we also work with a special herd of horses who deepen our learning and change and open us up a whole new magical world of horse whispering. Whether you love or dislike or are even afraid of horses this will be an experience you will never forget as these gentle creatures heal and meditate with you opening your heart and touching your spirit. The second weekend we study the Archetypes of Growth and Abundance that include Archetypes that help us heal our physical body and resolve issues to do with money.

Evolve Now! Level 2C
The 7 Principles of Transformation and Influence

The final weekend we go back to Albury to the same property and work at an even deeper level with the horses so you can measure your change. We also study the Archetypes of Transformation and Influence. Including deep secrets about what causes repeated patterns and what to do about them.

As a coach or business person rest assured that each technique can be used without any reference to the Archetypes so that you can use them in Business, Coaching, and Training, as well as, with Family, Children and Friends.

So now you too can learn the 22 Archetypes of Consciousness as part of Archetypal Coaching Artistry and discover how you can fulfill your deepest Human Potential and if you are or want to be a coach, how to elevate your skills to a whole new level of profundity and results.

To find out more email pip@evolvenow.com.au

With warmth,

I studied with Pip McKay when I was just 19 years of age. She taught me about success mind set, communication and whow to clear negative beliefs. These skills, which I have applied to the sales and marketing of my business have been extremely valuable to me and I still use them today. Personally ‘thank you’ Pip for everything you’ve done for me. And others, If you want to dramatically improve your results in business and in life, work with Pip McKay.

Dale Beaumont
Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Sellers

I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what Pip McKay has to offer. Pip gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life, and I use it in business and with teams all the time.

Rod Buttress
Multi-Million dollar Australian Entrepreneur and Past President of St Kilda Football Team

I am totally amazed that the changes could be so quick, profound and effective and how long they last. In my work as Barrister in Family Law I have found the skills are of enormous benefit. Of greatest value has been the ability to reduce my own stress levels.

Sue Webber

Pip is one of the world’s keepers of profound ancient knowledge. I sat at a dinner table with Pip one night and soon realized she holds wisdom and knowledge that very few people have access to. Her approach to life, personal and spiritual development is one of the most unique I have ever come across

Eloise King
Telegraph Reporter and Soul Sessions founder

I went to an Introductory evening and Pip’s explanation was so clear, I knew the Practitioner Course was the next step in my education and personal growth. Now the sky is the limit! Actually, there’s no limits . . . . I have the tools to plan and achieve anything and everything I desire. It’s SO exciting!

John Jones
President and SWAPer of the Year

If you really want to have Mastery of NLP and the results you are getting in your life, then do Master Prac! I now have the confidence to deal with any client no matter what their issues – I know what to do, I have the tools, the strategies and the attitude to succeed in my own life and as a therapist. We are a quantum leap from where we were. Thank you so much Pip as a trainer you are world class.

Dr Tarma Theagesan

I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what NLP has to offer, with Pip McKay. NLP gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life. We are now using NLP within the club both with the playing group and the administration. The results are very good. . . . The Saints are sitting on top of the AFL ladder with a record 10 straight wins.

Sue Webber
Barrister-at-Law, Sydney