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8 Principles of Achievement Love and Happiness

Ever wondered how you can get what you want and maintain your loving relationships and well-being. In this program Pip shares with you the 8 secrets to how you can have it all. This special program combines ancient wisdom with the latest in neuro-science to give you a step-by-step blueprint for gaining success with balance.

When you SHOULDN’T Trust Your Gut

What is intuition really? A gut feeling could just be fear or even indigestion! Intuition is your inner tuition – an accurate conclusion when you don’t know how you came to the answer. Intuition can use gut feeling to communicate to you, but not all gut feelings are intuition. So how do you know the difference? Watch this video and discover the answers.

Confident Body Language – Using Non Verbal Communication To Your Advantage

Ever wondered why someone who is less capable than you are may command more respect? The answer is in that allusive quality of confidence, but how does one get it? How can you appear confident even when your nervous? Well NLP has the answers watch this video and discover how you too can be confident anytime anywhere.

How to Avoid the Drama Cycle and Be Empowered in Relationships

Have you ever felt compelled to rescue someone only to find they become needy and you feel drained? Or perhaps you have felt the victim of someone else’s judgements about you? Every human being has had a toxic relationship at some point and when this happens we enter into a Drama Cycle with them that keeps us stuck. Discover exactly what this cycle is and how you can avoid it.

How to Identify the 4 Stages of Growth and Why They Matter

Did you know that when you or your business evolves there are actually 4 Stages of Growth to go through. When you know exactly what they are you can be prepared for the challenges and celebrate the victories. This video outlines each stage and what to do to get to the next level with ease and grace.

How to Stop the Negative Influence of Parents

When you were a teenager did you ever vow you would never be like your parents? Since then have you cringed to find you saying things, that your parents said to you? Our parent have a massive influence on our beliefs and behaviours. We may find ourselves repeating relationship patterns, health issues or financial problems of our parents. See what to do about them so you can step into who you really are.

How to Discover Your Purpose and Successfully Live it

Have you ever wanted to discover your unique purpose? Or maybe you once felt like you were on the right path only to feel uninspired after a couple of years? In this video discover your genius using Archetypes and ignite your passion for business and life.

How to Clear Negative Beliefs and Believe in Yourself

The Key Principles to Add Intimacy to Your Relationships

Why People Self-Sabotage Their Success and How Not To

How to Manage and Overcome Negative Emotions

The 4 Step Formula For Coaching Yourself to Success