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Spiral Dynamics allows you to make a quantum leap in your personal and professional evolution, by understanding your own and other’s position within the Values Hierarchy. This knowledge gives you unique insights into your own needs, desires and behaviour. It also helps you understand clients, friends, partners and family and what type of support is most effective. In sales and management this information assists you in knowing what someone really wants, what their hot-buttons are and what motivates them. This makes it extremely valuable to enhance team and individual performance and make communication more effective.

Spiral Dynamics was developed by the celebrated psychologist, Dr Clare Graves, from 40 years of research into the theory of personality and its applications to medical and industrial issues. He discovered that the values people hold create a pattern of beliefs and thoughts that is the result of a person’s nervous system interacting with their environment. He recognized that some values systems were more complex than others and he was able to create a Hierarchy of Values to reflect these varying levels of complexity. When you can identify someone’s level on the Values Hierarchy you can understand past behaviour, have valuable insights into their present state and predict future actions. You also gain a profound understanding of what is most important to them, what drives them, what their hidden fears are and what they most want from life.

Pip McKay has simplified the Values Hierarchy in the Spiral Dynamics 3 CD Set making it easier to define, identify and use. The Values Levels are listed below:

  1. Survival
  2. Tribal
  3. Aggression
  4. Bureaucratic
  5. Materialistic
  6. Groups and Causes
  7. Functional Flow
  8. Global Flux

In the Spiral Dynamics 3 CD Set you gain a detailed understanding of each Values Level, how to identify them and how to put them to practical use, as well as, the philosophy behind Clare Graves work.

In my work as Barrister in Family Law I have found these skills are of enormous benefit.

Sue Webber, Barrister-at-Law, Sydney

I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what is on offer, with Pip McKay. Pip gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life.

Rod Buttress, Past President of the St Kilda Football Team

To find out more about Spiral Dynamics, you may also like to purchase the Spiral Up Your Values DVD by ringing 9949 9480, email pip@evolvenow.com.au or look at our website www.evolvenow.com.au. Pip also offers courses in NLP, Matrix Therapies and Matrix Archetypes, as well as, doing coaching and corporate trainings.


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