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NLP Practitioner Evolution – Training and Pre-Study Program With Pip McKay

NLP Practitioner Evolution gives you the latest NLP techniques in a pre-study program which will accelerated your learning at your live training. You can listen to it in your car, home or office, allowing you to have immediate access to the powerful tools NLP. It is also an effective revision tool for those who are already Practitioners and for those wanting to become trainers of NLP. This Program contains the following information:

Introduction to NLP

  • How the brain functions and the mind works
  • Themes of NLP – Profound knowledge of human behaviour
  • Presuppositions of NLP – Beliefs that empower

Communicate with Power and Integrity

  • Sensory Acuity – Reading people’s reactions accurately
  • Instant Rapport – Reading body language
  • Communication Preferences – communicate to appeal to others
  • Wisdom Training – be proactive in problem solving

Learn and Instruct Others More Quickly and Effectively

  • Learning Styles – give instructions that are easily understood
  • Eye-Patterns – Use eye patterns to improve memory

Change Habits and Patterns – Personal Empowerment

  • Submodalities – Change minor addictions
  • Belief Change – Change limiting and negative beliefs
  • Swish – rid yourself of fears, bad habits and negative associations

Negotiation and Influence with Integrity

  • Reframing & Preframing – Helping others see new view points
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication
  • Milton Model – The language of influence
  • Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue
  • Metaphors that transform thinking

Anchoring – Motivation and State Control

  • Resource Anchors – Controlling States
  • Collapsing Anchors – Overcoming frustration
  • Chaining Anchors – Overcoming procrastination
  • Parts Integrations – Resolving internal and external conflict

Strategies – How people do what they do

  • Eliciting Strategies – Finding strategies through eye movements
  • Buying Strategies – How people make decisions
  • Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
  • Relationship Strategies – Having more effective relationships
Who is Pip McKay?

Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute. Before that she was the Corporate Director and Trainer’s Trainer at Accelerated Learning Worldwide. She is an internationally Certified Trainer of NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy having studied in the United States. Pip is also a prize winning teacher having been awarded the PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence at Sydney University. Pip is the Founding Co-Vice Chair of the Australian Board of NLP, putting her at the leading-edge of NLP in Australia and she is an innovator with in the field having created the highly effective Matrix Therapies.


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