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FOR Business People, Sales People, Marketing People, In fact ANYONE Wants to Sell and Communicate More Effectively and Isn’t Sure How or Who Has To Write Marketing But Can’t Get Started…



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Business Matrix DVD set of 6 With Manual

Business Matrix – 7 Secrets to Communicate, Sell and Market with Power and Integrity

FOR Business People, Sales People, Marketing People, In fact ANYONE Wants to Sell and Communicate More Effectively and Isn’t Sure How or Who Has To Write Marketing But Can’t Get Started…

At last! A surefire proven 3 day seminar on DVD you can watch in the comfort of your home or office, the Business Matrix that doubles your sales results and slashes the time you spend writing marketing material – 100% guaranteed results or you pay nothing

If you want to find a system that makes selling easy and stops procrastination… If you want to learn how to write marketing or ad copy that is clear, well organized, and actually makes you money… If you want to understand other people’s communication style so you can speak their language and build rapport in sales and management… then this could be the most important message you read all year because your job has just become a lot easier.

Imagine if you had the skills to influence others, while maintaining trust and integrity.

What would it be like to have the exact words to use to motivate, negotiate and write powerful marketing copy and manage in a way that affects people at a subconscious level?

How would you feel knowing you had the secrets of business success at your finger tips and had the freedom to use your valuable time the way that you want?

Now let me ask you:

  • Have you ever wondered why your marketing material or Ads didn’t get the response you expected?
  • Have you ever hesitated when writing marketing copy because you are not sure what words will make you money?
  • Are you looking for a simple sales approach that you can immediately apply to yourself and your teams to double your sales results?
  • Have you ever been confused by all the different approaches to marketing?
  • Do you want to manage wisely, communicate effectively and lead dynamically?
  • The Business Matrix shows you how…

In 6 action packed DVDs you’ll discover the secrets of how to influence people with power and integrity – a skill that can be used in all business situations whether you are the business owner, a manager or staff member, and a tremendous life skill to smooth family relations and resolve conflict.

As Mark McCormack, said in What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School:

“All business is people business. It is impossible to be successful in business without having…insight into people.”

People often think that ‘people skills’ are natural that some people have them and others do not. This is NOT true. ‘People skills’ are actually learnt behaviour and follows clear patterns that can be easily applied, when you know how. With the skills of the Business Matrix under your belt you will soon be able to see what kind of communication style suits each individual. You will then be able to adjust your own body and verbal language to follow suit, without complex paper and pencil tests.

And you will be able to use language that affects the most powerful aspect of a person directly; their subconscious mind.

You may be wondering, isn’t that mind games. No, in fact people who have exceptional people skills read others automatically and use these strategies without thinking. But even exceptional, natural communicators find that there are just some people that they can’t reach and they don’t know why? This is why the Business Matrix is such a powerful program, because it allows you to identify all communication styles, in simple, practical and profound ways and then shows you how to apply these to sales, marketing and managing others to massively enhance results, improve office harmony and reduce stress.

In fact, it has been shown that conflict within the office is a major cause of increased sick leave, less productivity and rapid staff turn-over all of which are the enemy of good business. The greatest cause of this kind of stress is problems with communication.

With the Business Matrix it is now easier than ever before to solve these issues.

Many people come to business and management positions without formal training in sales, marketing or management. So they search for information only to find it complicated, contradictory and impractical. Unfortunately many supposed experts have no idea how to impart their information to an audience in a way that is useable. You go to a marketing conference and find yourself bored and restless as the presenter talks, talks, talks. Even if there is useful information there, they don’t tell you how to put it into practice in your business.

Or worse the information is simply wrong or out-dated and then you find yourself implementing a marketing or sales campaign that wastes your valuable time and money. You realise that many supposed experts don’t know more than you do. You end up in a room with hundreds of other people and you can’t even get your questions answered. They give you only partial information so they can on-sell heaps of products, which you never have time to listen to.

We know we’ve been there!
This is the huge advantage of coming to one of Pip McKay’s courses. Pip takes sales and marketing strategies that have been proven to work and then, as a Master Trainer, presents them in a way that you can apply immediately to your business. You will find yourself having fun, stimulated and entertained, while you learn the latest and best information to double your business profits – secrets that even your marketing person doesn’t know in fact – 7 Secrets of How to Sell to the Subconscious Mind.

Pip has combined the power of NLP with sales and marketing strategies to give you a unique understanding of how we are influenced and can influence. Powerful stuff! And the great thing is, because Pip is a Professional Trainer and Educator, her mission is to ensure that you have your questions answered, so she keeps her numbers small. She is NOT there to on-sell heaps of products to you, instead her interest is to make sure that you get results and feel satisfied that you have gained value. As Kareen Donaldson, from Aspex, puts it:

I would like to tell people how the Business Matrix course provided me with profoundly powerful techniques/tools/skills that no other ‘Sales/Business/Marketing’ course can teach at such a fast, easy and effective way. This course is for anyone in business and is the only course I know that has an emphasis on integrity

And these are the results other people have gained from Pip’s Trainings:

Increase you Business Income
My painting company has made more money in the two weeks after Pip’s training than in the first quarter of the year. Since then I have more energy, less stress and the business has more than doubled.

Darrius Green, MD Astec Paints

Motivate your Teams
I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what NLP has to offer, with Pip McKay. NLP gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life.

We are now using NLP within the club both with the playing group and the administration. The results are very good. . . . The Saints are sitting on top of the AFL ladder with a record 10 straight wins.

Rod Buttress, President of the St Kilda Football Team

Communicate for Increased Productivity
The time saved and increased productivity is enormous!

Carolyn Birchill, Solution 6

Pip is a born teacher. The way in which she engages everyone’s learning styles and objectives in the room is inspirational and impressive.

Tamara da Silva/Nov 05

Pip has created a secret formula that will increase sales, marketing and business effectiveness based on the way that people make decisions.

Some of her simplest techniques have enabled people to double their income, inject new life into their marketing and greatly improve productivity. As well as this, our graduates notice their happiness and well-being at work profoundly increased and a marked improvement in business relationships. The bonus is, of course, that these skills can easily be applied to all areas of your life!

All our courses are tax deductible, so invest in yourself and see your results soar. For more info ring Pip on 9949 9480.

So What is in the Business Matrix?
This exclusive and powerful program is packed with ingenious, proven and practical techniques. You get:

  • 7 Secrets to Selling to the Subconscious, people make the decision to buy in the subconscious mind and they justify their decision consciously. 7 Secrets gives you the ‘how to’ in order to double you sales success.
  • 7 Steps to Magic Marketing; A step-by-step, logical process that makes marketing copy, structure, headline and picture use, a breeze. Never again will you sit in front of a blank screen wondering where to start.
  • A simple set of rules to make your ads clear, effective and sell more. You’ll be amazed at how much more impact your ads will have.
  • Examples of good and bad headlines and outlines of ads, so you can see exactly how to apply the system to real ads.
  • How to influence with integrity This course is not just forsales people and business owners, anyone who wants to find ways to ensure people willingly follow instructions and learn quickly – whether that isstaff, colleagues, bosses, prospects or even your kids – the principals ofexcellent communication are the same.

If you want to speak to someone personally ring 02 9949 9480 or email Pip directly on

But that’s not all. Do you want to:

  • Communicate with Power and Integrity:
  • Read people’s reactions accurately
  • Instant Rapport – Reading body language
  • Communication Preferences – communicate to appeal to others
  • Learn and Instruct Others More Quickly and Effectively:
  • Learning Styles – give instructions that are easily understood
  • Eye-Patterns – Use eye patterns to improve memory
  • Negotiation and Influence with Integrity:
  • Reframing & Preframing – Helping others see new view points
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Conflict resolution, flexibility in communication
  • Milton Model – The language of influence
  • Meta Model – Effective questioning skills, discover the real issue
  • Strategies – How people do what they do:
  • Eliciting Strategies – Finding strategies through eye movements
  • Buying Strategies – How people make decisions
  • Motivation Strategies – How to motivate others
  • Relationship Strategies – Having more effective relationships

What’s on each DVD?

DVD 1 – Introduction/Goals
1. What is Business?
2. What is NLP?
3. Needs for Business Success
4. Setting Goals
5. Unconscious Goal Setting
6. 7 Steps of Influencing/Selling

DVD 2 – Getting on with Others
1. Reading Others
2. What is Sensory Acuity?
3. Getting on with others
4. How to get Rapport
5. Language and Rapport
6. Using Predicates

DVD 3 – Selling and Influencing
1. Deepening Rapport
2. Phone/Email Rapport
3. Asking the Right Questions
4. Finding their Problems
5. Finding their Desires
6. Solve Problems, Fulfill Desires

DVD 4 – Language and Objections
1. 7 Language Mistakes
2. Using the Right Language
3. Why do People Buy?
4. How do They Buy?
5. Asking for the Sale
6. Dealing with Objections

DVD 5 – Marketing Layout
1. Summing up Sales
2. Marketing General
3. Magic Marketing
4. Magic Layout/Pictures
5. Magic Alternate Layout
6. Magic Headlines

DVD 6 – Writing Marketing
1. Magic Copy Structure
2. Magic Strategies
3. Magic Language
4. Magic Offers
5. Write your own
6. Long Sales Letters

In the Business Matrix you’re getting the benefit of Pip’s years of practical experience, her expertise as an Internationally Certified NLP Trainer and her study into the latest practical applications of Marketing and Sales techniques. Remember, she too is a business owner, not some academic whose income is not dependent on the success of her marketing. Her marketing and sales tools work or she wouldn’t be able to stay in business and get paid. She has fine-tuned the formulas every step of the way, until she’s built up a wealth of techniques and strategies which can be applied to virtually any business, sales role, management role or anyone responsible for getting things done.

In fact Pip believes in her training so much, that she is willing to give you 100% money back guarantee and you get to keep all the booklets and information!

The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee just return all the materials to her with in 2 weeks
Pip personally guarantees that you will be absolutely delighted with the Business Matrix

In fact, she invites you to watch the DVD series and put all the risk entirely on her. If at the end of watching the DVDs you feel that it does not live up to or go beyond your expectations, just let her know and she’ll be happy to give you a full refund with the return of the product, no questions asked, you can even keep the manual and the cheat sheets.

In fact, if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, she wants you to demand your money back.

Now, if you’re getting excited about the idea of being able increase your business success by doing the Business Matrix but are concerned you won’t be able to afford it, let’s put your mind at ease right now…

Because of Pip’s background and experience, she can easily sell this information for over $4000.00. In fact, she charges corporations $4000 per day to reveal this kind of information, making the value of the information you gain within the DVD set $12,000 as a 3 day corporate program. Pip is sort after by companies such as Manhattan, NRMA, MBF and Mallesons Law Firm for just this kind of information.

Pip, however, loves to ensure that individuals small and medium size businesses have access to this information to enhance their business success and make them more competitive in the larger market place.

Why? Because from experience she knows what it is like. So, she is making available to you her entirely unique, immediately usable, and extremely simple yet powerful Business Matrix for only $1295. And let’s face it, the benefits from just one or two of the principles in the Business Matrix will save you hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of dollars.

However that is not how much it will be for you for a limited time only, to celebrate the opening of our new web shop, you can get the Business Matrix set of 6 x 2 hour DVDs for only $995.

Manual worth $55 – FREE

3 Cheat Sheets $45 – FREE

So that is

 Free Gift 1  $55
 Free Gift 2  $45
 Business Matrix DVD $1295
Usual Investment Total $1395
 Your Investment Only $995  Saving $400

For a limited time only get the Business Matrix and your FREE extras for only $995

Who is Pip McKay?

Pip McKay is a leader in the field of NLP, an exceptional speaker and extraordinary personal coach. Her style is interactive, fun, profound, intuitive, entertaining and informative.Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute. Before founding Evolve Now! she was the Corporate Director and Trainer’s Trainer at Accelerated Learning Worldwide.

She is an internationally Certified Trainer of NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy having studied in the United States. All Pip’s trainings are backed by their official Australian and American Boards making them recognised both in Australia and worldwide. Pip was also the Founding Co-Vice Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming putting her on the leading-edge of NLP. Pip is the founder of Matrix Therapies. Pip is also an acting trainer and director having studied with Uta Hagen in New York and was the Education Officer at the Sydney Theatre Company. She has a BA Honours Degree in English Literature from the University of New South Wales and a Dip Ed with Distinction in English and Drama from Sydney University, where she won the prestigious PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence.

Pip has worked with and trained a large number of personnel from a wide range of businesses, including those from the following companies:

MBF, Mallisons Law Firm, NRMA, Solution 6, AMP, Foxtel Management, MHM – Government Required Training Programs, 3D Network/Planet 1, Action International, BCP Financial Planning, Marinya Media, Strategic Management Works, UNAC National Marketing, Prime Alliance, Merren Marketing, Décor Corporation, Momentum Developments, MATRAX Group Trust, Malau Holdings, Jericho Enterprises, Decision Enterprises, Create Business Solutions Trust, Curran and Associates and the Historic Houses Trust.

Pip’s programs deliver results and she has dedicated her career to ensuring that her participants get outcomes far beyond their expectations. Pip’s trainings are professional, inspiring and entertaining and the participants will see a rapid enhancement of their skills, giving them the point of difference in a highly competitive market place.

Just hearing Pip speak is transformational – attending a training or coaching session is life-changing.


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