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This unique DVD enables you to accelerate your personal and professional evolution.




This unique DVD enables you to accelerate your personal and professional evolution. Using the tools of Spiral Dynamics you will soon be able to recognize your position in the Values Hierarchy and what you need to do to go to the next level of development. Pip brings Spiral Dynamics to life in a way that has never been seen before, dressing up as a character from each Values Level and acting them out, making them easy to identify in yourself and others. Entertaining, profound and informative this introduction to Spiral Dynamics is memorable, practical and fun.

So what is Spiral Dynamics? Let’s start with the following questions.

Have you ever:

  •   Wanted to follow your passion but think you can’t make money from it?
  •   Wanted to get organized but get bored following systems?
  •   Felt burnt out and dreamt of giving it all in and living simply?
  •   Wanted to make lots of money but can’t face the rat-race?
  •   Liked the security of being employed but don’t like people telling you what to do?

Each of these thoughts reflects different levels in the Values Hierarchy and the specific problems related to transitioning between the levels. Often we feel that the issues we see in our life are unique to us as individuals, when they may in fact reflect a stage in our development. When you know where you are now and what the next level is, it is easier to make progress rapidly and smoothly. This reduces stress and frustration and enhances your success and happiness.

The knowledge in this DVD also gives you a unique insight into understanding your clients, friends and family and what type of support is most effective. In sales and management this information assists you in knowing what someone really wants, what their hot-buttons are and what motivates them.

To find out more about Spiral Dynamics, you may also like to purchase the Spiral Dynamics CD Set or ring 9949 9480, email pip@evolvenow.com.au or look at our website www.evolvenow.com.au. Pip also offers courses in NLP, Matrix Therapies and Matrix Archetypes, as well as, doing coaching and corporate trainings.

What others are saying about Pip’s seminars:

Pip gives you absolutely essential skills for life.

Dr Tim David, GP

The BEST trainer I’ve ever worked with . . .Excellent skills . . . never a slow or dull section. If I had this sooner my wealth would have increased five fold.

Denis Preston, Business Strategist


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