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MASTER The World of NLP with Pip McKay

Imagine mastering your own life and then communicating, coaching and presenting with power and integrity. Imagine being the type of leader people are inspired by. Imagine hearing people say that your influence changed their life. What would it be like to feel natural confidence, deep inner peace, sustainable energy and a strong, congruent core identity? This is what it means to be a Master Practitioner.

Master Practitioner Training with Pip McKay gives you a quantum leap in your growth and development. It allows you to clear hidden issue that may sabotage and delay success, transform at a cellular level and accelerate growth at a quantum rate. Pip’s profound, engaging and entertaining style give you NLP with heart, soul and intelligence, as well as, practical tools for every-day-life and career achievement.

What’s Inside?

  • What is NLP at and advanced level? Gain a deeper understanding of NLP’s basic Themes and Presuppositions.
  • Quantum Physics and Mechanics and how they illuminate the mind/body connection.
  • Conversational Change: Use advanced language tools in normal conversation to reframe problems and assist empowerment.
  • Bifurcation and its implications for change
  • Cartesian Logic: Use Cartesian Coordinates to think outside the box and solve problems
  • Symbolic Logic: Use the glue that holds language together to change perceptions and therefore reality
  • Quantum Logistics: Use Quantum theories to restructure reality including perceptions of time, space, matter and energy.
  • Advanced Presuppositions and Milton Model: Advance your understanding of the Language of Influence that has been used by the great orators of the world
  • Meta Model: All the questions you will ever need to ask to reveal the deep structures of peoples beliefs, experiences and problems
  • Embedded Commands: Learn how to command respect and influence
  • Hierarchy of Ideas: Think outside any box and in any direction
  • Parts Integration and Linguistic Parts: Get advanced distinctions on Parts and then learn how to gain the same effect just with language
  • Negotiation Model: Use parts to resolve group conflict and negotiate successfully
  • Values: Change Values, effect motivation, action and results.
  • Advanced Strategies: Understand how people make decisions, become motivated, learn, buy, fall in love and have problems
  • Modelling: Find and install outstanding behaviour
  • Prime Concerns: Find someone’s deepest core issue and use language to help them create new options.
  • Sleight of Mouth: Use these powerful language tools in negotiation, problem solving and reframing objections and winning any argument.
  • Meta Programs: In 8 minutes find out what motivates and suits a person in  a career and even how long  they will stay!
  • Logical Levels and Fast Phobia Cure: Learn how to cure phobia’s in 15 minutes.
  • Designer Swish: Use Swish patterns more effectively with people.

Please note that Advanced Matrix Therapies, Inspiration – Acting and NLP Secrets for Trainers, and Spiral Dynamics, which form part of the Master Practitioner Course are available separately.


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