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Matrix Therapies With Pip McKay

Be the change you want to see.” Gandhi

Matrix Therapies is a profound therapeutic tool for those who want to resolve negative influences, emotions and beliefs or who want advanced techniques that they can use with others. Matrix Therapies also allows you access to resources from what Plato called the ‘Ideal Plane’, making it enlightening, as well as, transformational.

In this CD set you gain a foundation for understanding Matrix Therapies, how and why it works and what makes it different from other modalities, as well as, live demonstrations so you can experience the techniques first hand.

Do you want to:

  • Clear the actual causes of chronic stress?
  • Understand and embody the keys of happiness and well-being?
  • NOT repeat the mistakes of your parents?
  • Stop being negatively influenced by others?
  • Stop self-sabotage?
  • Let go of old emotions and negative beliefs?
  • Have a profound understanding of your true self?
  • Overcome self-esteem issues and be confident?
  • Have the freedom to be your authentic self?
  • Enhance your memory, EQ, IQ and intuition?
  • Have peace of mind, calmness and confidence?
  • Have powerful and nurturing tools that you can use with others

Then Matrix Therapies is for you. Developed over a 9 year period and influenced by an in depth understanding of a host of other modalities and therapeutic coaching experiences, Matrix Therapies is the natural next phase in personal and professional evolution. Pip McKay’s profound, entertaining and empowering style delivers trainings with heart and soul giving you a unique insight into the nature of our humanity.

Matrix Therapies Set of 8 CDs Contains:

  • Clearing Negative Emotions/Beliefs
  • Clearing Stress and Anxiety
  • Clearing Negative Influences
  • Changing Negative Programming from Parents
  • Dissolving Past Relationship Connections
  • Inner Child Integrations
  • Understanding the Heart of Another’s Problems
  • Grief Therapy
  • Resolving Shyness, Lack of Confidences and Low Self-Esteem
  • Installing Positive Archetypes
  • Archetypal Hot-Seating
  • Archetypal Parts Integrations
  • Dream Analysis
  • Matrix Goal Evolution
  • Matrix Coaching Model

An experience worthy of the investment, with Pip, who is a person worthy of investigation.

Glenn Manton – AFL Football Legend and Professional Speaker

I have grown so much as a person since doing this course, which has enabled me to know both others and myself at a level I didn’t even comprehend before the training.

Sharon White – Massage Therapist and NLP Trainer

A brilliant and effective tool developed by Pip that is invaluable to those wanting to grow and better themselves in their life.

Kylie Mamouney – Corporate Trainer

Essential for any therapist to move to higher levels of understanding.  Pip is energetic, dynamic,  knowledgeable and fun presenter.

Rita De Michele – Kinesiologist

I don’t know what I would do without Matrix Therapies, I use it with every client, it is so powerful.

Alice Haemmerle, Director of A Perfect Mind


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