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Pip had never before used these techniques with Max and after the one session you see on the DVD, these were the results, as told by his own mother Ute Fumeaux:



Kid’s Matrix Overview DVD set

Have you ever…

Wanted to help your child overcome learning issues?
Accelerate your child’s ability to learn and understand?
Help your child organise themselves?
Help you child concentrate without medication?
Overcome emotional issues?
Change unwanted behaviour without nagging?

Kids’ Matrix with Pip McKay has the answers. These live training DVDs show you what works and takes you step-by-step through how to make it work for your child. See Pip working with a child, Max who was 7 years old, in her own living room with simple tools so that you can use too!

Pip had never before used these techniques with Max and after the one session you see on the DVD, these were the results, as told by his own mother Ute Fumeaux:

Max visited Pip when he was about 7 years old, he’d been having problems reversing b’s, d’s, p’s and q’s and was showing very little interest in reading independently.  After the single session with Pip (that was filmed) we noticed he was showing more interest in reading and then gradually began to ‘devour’ different series of books.  He is now 11, we have been living in Switzerland for the last 17 months, he has picked up French very quickly and is now bilingual and able to read in both English and French.  So Pip thank you so much, all our love and best wishes to you.  Ute and Gary Fumeaux

Just like adults, children are a complex mix of mind, emotions, body and spirit. In order to help kids we need to be able to work with their strength to overcome their weaknesses. Using fun games, tool and exercises that stimulate the growth of your child’s brain and gives them new strategies for learning and behaving, Kids’ Matrix will revolutionise the way you work with children.

DVD 1 Contains – Live Training for Parents, Teachers and Tutuors

What affects children’s ability to learn?
What is dyslexia and how can it be overcome?
How to stop letter reversal
Using your child’s learning style
The easiest way to learn to spell
Understanding how little words can slow down reading
using clay to clarify the meaning of little words
How to give instructions to “why”/ “how” learners
EQ and behavioural issues
What causes scapegoating in the classroom?
Eye Patterns and co-dependence
Independence and Intra-dependence
Resolving extreme behaviours
Using story time to help your child emotionally
Clearing negative emotions eg anger, frustration, sadness, fear and anxiety
Diet Exercise and Sleep and Kids learning

DVD 2 Contains – Examples of Pip working with a 7 year old
Learning tips, Pre-framing, Wizards Hat, word  clay, eye-patterns and spelling strategies

Who is Pip McKay
Pip was labelled dyslexic as a child and with ADHD as an adult.  Despite these labels, she went on to gain a BA Honours Degree in English Lit. from the University of New South Wales . She then gained a Dip Ed with Distinction from Sydney University , where she won the prestigious PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence. Pip is also fully qualified in NLP and Time Line Therapy™ and is the founder of Matrix Therapies.

Pip is a fully qualified teacher having taught both Primary and High School for over 8 years in Australia and England . Pip is also an acting trainer and director, having studied in New York and was the Education Officer at the Sydney Theatre Company. She went on to  develop the children’s programs and was trainer’s trainer for Accelerated Learning Worldwide before becoming their corporate director. Pip is now the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute.

Pip has dedicated her life to helping children and adults find drug free solutions to their challenges in a way that enhances their health, well being and happiness.


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