Clear Negative Emotions CD


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Clearing Negative Emotions CD
Heal the past and be free to create an abundant and happy future, now!

With this CD you will discover the secrets of clearing anger, sadness, fear, guilt and grief from your past. Many people feel it is not easy to be positive when they are carrying the burden of the emotional baggage. This CD gives you the tools to let go of the past, so you are free to attract abundance, health, happiness and positive relationships into your life. Clear the barriers to your success and have the future you’ve always wanted, now!

1. Introduction to Pip McKay
2. Why are emotions important?
3. Time Line Therapy® (TLT) with a client
4. What are emotions? How do they affect us?
5. Discovering the Root Cause Explanation
6. TLT Explanation of the Process
7. Trouble Shooting
8. Matrix Therapies Introduction
9. Eliciting Your Time Line
10. A Journey on the Time Line
11. TLT – Clearing Negative Emotions
12. Matrix Therapies – Clearing Grief

Who is Pip McKay?

Pip McKay is the CEO of Evolve Now! Mind Institute. Before that she was the Corporate Director and Trainer’s Trainer at Accelerated Learning Worldwide. She is an internationally Certified Trainer of NLP, Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy having studied in the United States. Pip is also a prize winning teacher having been awarded the PR Cole Memorial Prize for Excellence at Sydney University. Pip is the Founding Co-Vice Chair of the Australian Board of NLP, putting her at the leading-edge of NLP in Australia. Pip has been working in the field of Accelerated Human Development and Personal Evolution for the past twelve years. It is from this research and experience that she has created Matrix Therapies – a revolutionary new way to take your emotional and physical healing to the next level.


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