1A Purpose And Passion 3 Day Weekend

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Discover Your Bliss In Career and Relationships 

A lot of people…

  • Live without Passion and Purpose, they lack direction and feel like their life is meaningless.
  • Find it difficult to wake up in the morning because they’re not inspired
  • Ask themselves “What is the Purpose of my Life?” But find no answers and this begins to affect their relationships

Sometimes people search for Passion and Purpose in a very spiritual way but then need to ‘DO’ something different to earn a living, rather than making money from what they love.

Others try and reach their passion and purpose through goal setting.

They think: ‘If only I achieve that goal then I will be happy’ but find themselves miserable during the process and don’t achieve the goal anyway.

Or if they do, it doesn’t bring them the contentment they thought it would and their relationships suffer.

So what can we do about it?

The 1A Passion and Purpose Couse provides incredible answers to these questions and so much more!

At Passion And Purpose Coaching You Will Learn:

  1. How to access your Archetypal Purpose, so you know who you are and what your unique contribution is to the world.
  2. To set clear concrete goals that allow you to take action in your world.
  3. How to combine your career or your business with your Passion and Purpose

Passion and Purpose Coaching can help make your current career or business in line with you Passion and Purpose.

Or how to change your career and discover what really lights you up rather than just doing something different for the sake of it!

You’re not meant to be just doing just a job, you’re meant to have a calling; a career path that is really linked to the deepest aspect of who you are.

You do that by find your Archetypal Identity and connecting that to your unique Passion and Purpose.

Discover Your Unique Archetypes

  • Find your Passion and Purpose Archetypes.
  • Discover your Talent Archetype so you can make money from what you love.
  • Learn your Genius Flow which is the unique order of Archetypes which ensures you feel effortless in what you do.

Know Your Ideals – It’s Often Not What You Think!!

  • What is your ideal Business or Career?
  • What is your ideal Relationship?
  • What is your ideal Health and Wellbeing?

Clear Blocks To Ideals

Your Quest Clearing Process: a unique, absolutely extraordinary and elegant Coaching Model. The Quest Clearing Process does a lot of the thinking and the work for you. It is very easy to use with deeply profound and lasting results. If you are a coach it enables you to show your clients exactly what they’re clearing, how that relates to their passion and purpose on one sheet of paper.

Your Quest Resourcing and Actioning

  • Download Resources from Archetypes: Different Archetypes have Different Resources. This process allows you to download resources such as energy, concentration, motivation and confidence depending on what you need in order to achieve your goals.
  • Setting Goals that are totally aligned to your Passion and Purpose: we call this ACTIONING. It’s not just about setting goals and letting them sit there, it’s about you taking action in your world and knowing the action you take is specifically aligned to your Passion and Purpose.

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I studied with Pip McKay when I was just 19 years of age. She taught me about success mind set, communication and whow to clear negative beliefs. These skills, which I have applied to the sales and marketing of my business have been extremely valuable to me and I still use them today. Personally ‘thank you’ Pip for everything you’ve done for me. And others, If you want to dramatically improve your results in business and in life, work with Pip McKay.

Dale Beaumont
Founder of Business Blueprint and Author of 16 Best-Sellers

I am interested in learning what is on the cutting-edge, so it was great to learn the best of what Pip McKay has to offer. Pip gives you outstanding and practical tools for all areas of life, and I use it in business and with teams all the time.

Rod Buttress
Multi-Million dollar Australian Entrepreneur and Past President of St Kilda Football Team

I am totally amazed that the changes could be so quick, profound and effective and how long they last. In my work as Barrister in Family Law I have found the skills are of enormous benefit. Of greatest value has been the ability to reduce my own stress levels.

Sue Webber